WACS Constitution

Article I: Name
The name of this Association shall be Wisconsin Association of College Stores.
Article II: Objectives
Section 1: We shall promote the general improvement of member stores within the State of Wisconsin, assist the professional growth of store managers and staff, and support the educational objectives of member institutions.
Section 2: We shall, through discussion and study, address problems commons to member stores and or vendors.
Section 3: We shall promote cooperation and exchange of ideas with the National Association of College Stores, other state and regional College Store Associations, and other related professional organizations.
Article III: Membership
Section 1: Membership with one full voting privilege shall be extended to those dues-paying stores that are recognized as a/the supplier of textbooks and supplies for their respective college or university.
Section 2: Associate memberships may be granted to vendors at the discretion of the Wisconsin Association of College Stores. Associate members shall have full voting privileges, and shall be eligible to hold office.
Section 3: Membership may be suspended by a 75% vote of Association members.
Article IV: Officers
Section 1: The elective offices of the Association shall be: President, President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and two Associate Members (Vendors) at Large and Past President.
Section 2: The general supervision and direction of the affairs of the Association shall be vested in its officers.
Section 3: If, for any reason, the President is unable to complete the normal term of office, the President-elect will assume the duties of the President, under the following conditions:

  1. if the vacancy occurs during the first year of a term, the President-electshall complete the term. At the next Business Meeting the President-elect position shall be elected to assume the subsequent term
  2. if the vacancy occurs during the second year of a term, the President-elect shall serve as President until the next regular election
Section 4: The term of office for all officers shall be for two years, commencing the first day to the month following the Annual meeting and terminating the last day of the month in which the Annual meeting is held.

  1. Officers are to be elected by mail or e-mail prior to the Annual meeting at the end of term, with results announced at said meeting.
  2. A review of the officers may be held at the end of one year if requested by the Executive Committee or the general membership.
  3. An election may be called at the end of one year by vote of the majority of members present.
Article V: Amendments
Section 1: Amendments shall be submitted in writing to the Chairperson of the Nominations and By-laws Committee for review and recommendations. The Chairperson will forward proposed amendments to the President 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting.
Section 2: Amendments from the Committee shall be presented at the next Annual Business Meeting for consideration and action by the membership. Amendments can also be presented and acted upon by the membership at the Annual Business Meeting.
Section 3: A 75% vote of all members present shall be required for the adoption of all amendments.


Article I: Duties of Officers
Section 1: It shall be the duty of the President to:

  1. Direct all activities of the Association.
  2. Preside at all regular and special meetings.
  3. Appoint all standing committees.
  4. Direct the other officers in the performance of their duties.
  5. See that the provisions of the Constitution, By-laws and any amendments thereto are fulfilled.
  6. Resolve matters requiring immediate action that may arise between meetings.
  7. Make decisions based on common conscience of members.
Section 2: It shall be the duty of the President-elect to:

  1. Serve as the liaison to NACS and with other professional and trade associations.
  2. Serve ex-officio on the Annual Meeting Committee.
  3. Serve as the Association liaison to new members. To introduce new members to the membership and encourage their involvement.
  4. To preside over meetings and conduct the Association business as President in the absence of the President.
  5. Assume any duties the President may assign.
Section 3: shall be the duty of the Secretary to:

  1. Keep accurate records of the Association and activities of all concerned.
  2. Present a report at each meeting of the Association.
  3. Record all business transacted at each meeting, and report action taken thereon at the next scheduled meeting.
  4. Maintain correspondence between the Association and its members and, within thirty days following each meeting mail secretary’s report to all members .
  5. Edit and publish the Association newsletter, no less than, three times annually under the cost guidelines established by the Executive Committee.
  6. Prior to each business meeting, provide a preliminary agenda to each member.
  7. Assume any related duties the President may assign.
Section 4: It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to:

  1. Receive all monies in receipt of dues and any other source, and deposit same to the credit of the Association in its established bank. Selection of the banking institution shall be at the discretion of the Treasurer with the approval of the Executive Committee.
  2. Payout and dispose of funds under the discretion of the President.
  3. Keep proper accounts and records of transactions, and have them available at all times for inspection.
  4. Render a true and proper financial statement at each business meeting.
  5. Serve ex-officio on the Membership Committee.
  6. Maintain the WACS membership list.
  7. Assume any related duties as the President may assign.
Section 5: It shall be the duty of the Associate Members At Large (Vendors) to:

  1. Serve ex-officio on the Annual Meeting Committee.
  2. Report to the Executive Committee on trends and changes invendor related industry regulations and practices.
Article II: Committees
Section 1: Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee shall consist of all elected officers.
    1. The President, as chair, shall call meetings of the Executive Committee as needed. Any member of the Executive Committee may request the President to call a meeting
    2. Any four members of the committee may act as the committee if all members cannot be present.
Section 2: All standing committees will be appointed by the President upon consultation with the Executive Committee. Whenever feasible new members will be assigned to a committee. The President shall appoint the Committee Chairperson.

Each committee shall meet annually at least 30 days prior to the WACS Annual Meeting. The Chairperson of the committee shall advise the President of the committee meeting date, location, and anticipated expenses prior to the meeting for approval.

Section 3: Standing Committees
The standing committees of the Association shall be:

  1. Annual Meeting Committee
  2. Scholarship Committee
  3. Nominations and By-laws Committee
  4. Membership Committee
  5. Audit Committee
Section 4: Responsibilities of Standing Committees

  1. Annual Meeting Committee
    Charge: To plan, organize, and execute the Annual Meeting according to guidelines from the Executive Committee and as described in the WACS Constitution and By-laws. The following persons shall serve on this committee:

    1. President Elect
    2. Meeting host/hostess
    3. Past Meeting host/hostess
    4. The elected Associate Members At Large
    5. Up to two additional members at large appointed by the Executive Committee from the geographic area where the meeting is being held.
  2. Scholarship Committee
    Charge: To develop and recommend a means to select schools to receive scholarship money to be used to assist member store staff to attend meetings and seminars. Amounts and events to be recommended by the committee and approved by the general membership.
  3. Nominations and By-laws Committee
    Charge: To obtain and recommend a list of possible candidates for the offices of the Association. To conduct elections according to the By-laws. To continually review and recommend improvements for the WACS voting procedures. To review and recommend for membership vote all proposed changes and/or revisions to the Association’s Constitution and By-laws
  4. Membership Committee
    Charge: To examine the membership list and propose changes as needed. To contact any members who may have recently been dropped for nonpayment of dues or other reasons. To examine and recommend new vendors for vote. To assist the Treasurer with keeping the membership lists accurate. To assist with the development of information material to be used to promote WACS.
  5. Audit Committee
    Charge: To audit the WACS Financial Reports. This audit should be conduction during the Committee’s annual meeting. To study and recommend procedures concerning the WACS Treasury.
Article III: Meetings
Section 1: The Association shall schedule one meeting annually and said meeting shall be designated as the Annual Business Meeting. The President may call special meetings at the discretion of the Executive Committee and after a thirty-day advance notice to the general membership.
Section 2: Dates for each meeting shall be determined by the President and the meeting host.
Section 3: Meeting registration fee shall not be charged to new store members of the Association who are attending their first meeting.
Section 4: Tabletop rates at the Annual meeting shall be double for nonmembervendors. Should the number of vendors requesting tables exceedavailable space, preference will be given to the Associate members.
Section 5: Unless otherwise specified in the Constitution or By-laws, all membership applications will be voted on for approval at the Annual Meeting.
Section 6: There shall be no special meetings of the general membership until requested by the membership.
Article IV: Quorum
A quorum shall consist on not less than twenty (20) voting members, not less than ten (10) of which are store members.
Article V: Voting
Section 1: Voting for OfficersThe Nominations and By-laws committee shall request nominations from the membership for President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Associate Members At Large. The Chairperson of the Committee shall submit at least one notice of the nomination process to the WACS Paper and contact all WACS members and associate members.

The Nominating Committee then contacts the top (most frequently suggested) three nominees for each position to whether they would be willing to serve if elected. The Chairperson of the Nominating and By-laws Committee is not eligible for election. The candidates are requested to submit to the Nominations and By-laws Committee a brief biography of themselves to be included in the ballot. If any nominee declines, the next highest nominee will be contacted, etc.

The ballot shall be formatted as follows:
The name of the President Elect will be listed at the Presidential candidate for the membership to reaffirm their choice. In the event that the President Elect position was vacant at the time of the elections up to two names and a write in line will be listed on the ballot for President.

One ballot will be mailed or emailed to each member and associate member 60 days prior to the Annual WACS Meeting. The membership will rank these choices in order of preference with 1 being first choice, 2 second, etc. The individual receiving the largest amount of votes and the lowest ranking will be deemed the elected officer. Ballots are returned to the Chairperson of the Nominating and By-laws Committee, and the results are contacted for potential acceptance/refusal read into the minutes of the Annual Business Meeting. In the event of a tie, the tie breaking vote will be taken by secret ballot of the members present at the Annual Business Meeting.

Section 2: Voting on Other ItemsVotes on motions, resolutions, etc., shall be by voice vote at the regular business meetings. Any voting member may call for a written ballot, either before or after voice vote.
Article VI: Associate Membership
Section 1: The Association shall actively solicit associate memberships.
Section 2: Temporary Associate Membership may be obtained at any time upon payment of membership to the Treasurer.
Section 3: A list of Associate applications shall be published in the WACS Paper. Associate applications shall be voted on at the next regularly scheduled business meeting.
Section 4: Associate Membership may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of the Association.
Section 5: No vendor firm shall receive more than one vote.
Article VII: Special Membership
WACS membership for high school stores shall be considered on a case by case basis.
Article VIII: Dues
Dues are payable thirty (30) days from notification by the Treasurer. Dues are paid on a calendar year basis.

Any change in the dues rate shall be proposed by the Executive Committee and approved by the membership at the Annual Meeting.

Article IX: Rules
Should any question arise as the conduct of any meeting, Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the governing authority on procedures.